Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Longarm has arrived!

Yesterday was spent taking delivery of my new Innova longarm machine.  I am a proud new owner of a 22" with Lightning Stitch regulator and a 12 foot Pro frame.  Since I purchased a demo unit, it was partially assembled prior to delivery and it still took several hours to get it up and running.  I purchased from Dan and Jennie Kerwood of At Home Quilting in Johnstown NY.  The service has been outstanding!

Dan arrived on time and in good spirits despite a long drive from his shop.  My husband and I helped to unload the van and the frame assembly began.  It was not long before we could set the sew head on the rails and take it for a spin.  There was some fussing to get the machine level since my shop is converted from a porch and has a slight slope built in (about 1" over 10').  I  purchased the casters and we discovered that they can be adjusted similar to the self leveling feet that ship with the frame (thanks to my husband!).

Dan likes to talk and he spent quite a bit of time showing  me some of his own quilting and giving us ideas and suggestions for free motion designs. 

I purchased Panotvision as well and just as a heads up for anyone else purchasing same, there was no training on how to use the system.  Dan did show us how to mount tha tablet on the sew head and that is about it.  The softward for the tablet is loaded on a USB thumb drive which was bubble wrapped in the Pantovision box.  If I did not look carefully at it, I might have thrown it out by mistake!  Dan directed us to Renae Hadaddin's site for Panto vision videos, instruction etc.

We finally let Dan go around 6 PM....  I am sure he was glad to get back on the road.   My daughter and I spent some time practising until I had to quit since it was getting late.

There will be a learning curve I know but I am confident it will not be too hard.

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