Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Inauguration of WIP Wednesday

I hereby declare th 3rd Wednesday of each month to be henceforth known as WORK IN PROGRESS WEDNESDAY here at Swink Girls Quilts.  Every WIP Wednesday I will post pictures of projects I am working on. I'm looking forward to documenting the advancement of the project, not just the end results.  I'm also hoping that my commitment to WIP Wednesday will help me make progress on my projects and give me a little accountability ;-)

Here is a look at my current WIPs:

Of course, the PoD.  Stuck at 11 blocks.  I have #12 printed out and it's a very cool block.  I promise to have it done by next WIP Wednesday!

I don't have a name for this quilt yet.  I have a bunch of fabric for it though; pink, yellow and green on a white background (remind you of SMQ at all?).  I only have 12 out of estimated 110 blocks for this quilt done and all the cutting before me. Who cares though, I already bought the backing.  Kind of premature now that you think of it ;-)  I made this pattern up, though I can hardly claim so as these are simple 1/2 square triangles made from a 5" square block (think charm pack) and then assembled in to diamonds.  I haven't named this quilt yet and I am open to suggestions.  I've been thinking of Sweet Kites, but I'm not set on it.  I'm going to try to have at least 20 blocks for this quilt by next WIP Wednesday. 

Feel free to leave a comment with a link to your WIP(s)...I would love to see them. 

Craft on!

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