Sunday, September 29, 2013

New blogging station!

My awesome boyfriend made me this tray table tonight.  Here's the full story:  Shain and I both felt kind of under the weather today.  We got some yard work and chores done this morning.  We got groceries, visited my parents, and I made a pot of sauce.  However, by about 2pm, we were both ready for some quality time on the couch.  At 5pm, Shain was ready for dinner, and I had promised him french toast.  I was loathe, however, to let him eat anything with maple syrup on the couch!  I mentioned I would like a tray table, like those used to serve breakfast in bed, and showed him a few pictures on the internet of what I meant.  After he finished his french toast, with syrup and whipped cream and a large, hot coffee, he disappeared into the gargare for several hours.  He finally resurfaced around 8pm with this awesome tray table!  It's made from a really nicely aged oak.  All the corners are thoughtfully sanded round.  All that's lacking is a coat of stain to protect it.  I'm sure I will enjoy this table for years to come.  Such a wonderful gift from my wonderful man!

The beautiful top.

Current status.

I'm sure it will spend a lot of time on our ottoman.

Goodnight friends,

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