About the Swink Girls

Quilting since 2006
Loves: running, baking, gardening
Guilty pleasure: Chipotle burritos, vintage buttons
Goals: be inspired
Email: swinkgirlsquilts @ gmail. com
Instagram: swink_girl

Quilting since 2008
Loves: sewing, quilting, tie-dyeing, running
Guilty pleasure: all things Harry Potter
Goals: write tutorials, finish quilts
Email: frakocyba@ yahoo. com
Instagram: francesca8788


 Quilting since 2006
 Loves: kayaking, waterfalls, sunflowers
 Guilty pleasure: chicken wings                                   
 Goals: make art quilts, hone long arm quilting skills
 Instagram: Subliminal_Sunflower


  1. OK, ladies - here's a question for you! Is your last name Swink, or is it just a nickname? My great-grandmother was a Swink, and she's the only other one I've known in my life… Would love to find some long lost relatives!

    1. Thank you for commenting! Swink is really our name. We live in western New York. Maybe we're related!


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