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Like many things at Swink Girls Quilts, this page is a work in progress.  We are trying to compile a page with pictures of every quilt we've finished.  Since many are no longer in our possession, we are digging through old cell phone pictures, hunting for the photo album, scrolling through flickr photostreams, checking facebook, etc.  It is also difficult to remember exactly when the quilt was completed, but we will try our best to organize them chronologically. Please note, this page will be for actual quilts only- no minis or quilted objects.  We will try to post dimensions if known.  Thanks for visiting and enjoy!

Won't You be Mine? by Kimberly 60' x 70'

Meadow by Kimberly 80' x 90'

Sea Turtles by Francesca, December 2014, 67" x 76"

Cotton Couture Baby Quilt by Kimberly, December 2014

Blue and Black Triangles by Francesca, December 2014

Meadow Quilt by Kimberly, November 2014

Big Star by Margaret and Kimberly, October 2014

Wedding Quilt: Bridget and Bob by Kimberly, October 2014

Baby Bee Quilt by Kimberly, October 2014

Do.Good Stiches - compiled and quilted by Kimberly, September 2014

Baby Quilt by Kimberly, September 2014

Sherri's Quilt by Kimberly, Francesca and Margaret, August 2014, 57"x 59"

SMQ Bee: Missing U (Blue on Brown) compiled and quilted by Francesca, June 2014, 74" x 64"

Kelsei's Quilt by Kimberly, June 2014

A Quilt for Mary by Francesca, May 2014, 96" x 84"

SMQ Bee: Nap Like an Egyptian - compiled and quilted by Kimberly, May 2014

Do.Good Stitches: Sapphire Dreams - compiled and quilted by Kimberly, April 2014

Min Skatt by Kimberly, March 2014

Ella's Quilt by Kimberly, February 2014

Big Star by Kimberly, January 2014

Clinton's Quilt, by Kimberly, January 2014

Pixelated Heart by Francesca, December 2013, 64"x 69"

Do.Good Stitches: Flying Geese - compiled and quilted by Kimberly, December 2013

My Life At Sea by Kimberly, November 2013

Mixed Berries by Kimberly, November 2013

Leftover Chevrons - pieced by Francesca, quilted by Kimberly, October 2013

Window Wonder/Oh Deer! - pieced by Francesca, quilted by Kimberly, July 2013

SMQ Bee: Berries and Vine - compiled and quilted by Kimberly, April 2013

DFE Raffle Quilt by Kimberly, April 2013

SMQ Bee: Scribbles - compiled and quilted by Kimberly, April 2013

Shadowbox by Kimberly, January 2013

Chris and Jessie's Wedding Quilt by Kimberly

Moons and Star by Kimberly, October 2012

ZigZag by Kimberly, September 2012

Monster Quilt by Kimberly, August 2012

Aunt Marcia's Quilt by Kimberly

Raspberry Lemonade by Francesca, July 2012

Rockstar Quilt by Kimberly, July 2012

Friendship Braid by Francesca, July 2012

Winding Ways by Kimberly, May 2012

Pixie Forest by Kimberly, April 2012

Knee Deep by Francesca, April 2012

Aubrey's Quilt - pieced by Kimberly, quilted by Francesca, February 2012

Royal Garden by Kimberly, February 2012

Riley's Quilt by Kimberly

Jelly Roll Quilt by Francesca

Uncle Franks Quilt

Kitty Quilt

Charlie Quilt

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