Saturday, September 14, 2013


I learned about mash-ups the same way everyone else in America did; by watching Glee. So I just completed a cool mash up of my own.  I use a neat paper-pieced patter by Michelle Thompson of Fandom in Stitches and a modified version of a pattern from Crazy Mom Quilts.  The result was this neat Tinkerbell Tray:

The picture really doesn't do this piece justice.  The green on the outside is Kona Cactus, which, in person is a really bright and fun green that I adore.  Also, the yellow for the hair is almost gold, a very pretty batik.  In fact, all the the Tinkerbell block is batik.  Michelle's Tinkerbell pattern was probably the hardest thing I've ever pieced.  Much more difficult than Hedwig.  There 10 parts to the pattern, some up which had 30 pieces or more!  But it is very cool.  

To make the tray I just followed the same pattern for the fabric box/storage cube, but I made the side walls much shorter.  About 3".  I also chose to bind the top rather than do the flip inside outside lining trick.  The main reason for this was that I used a VERY heavy duty stabilizer under Tinkerbell to keep the bottom of the tray from sagging and I didn't want to bend it all up.  The second reason was to give myself another hand sewing project.  I did MUCH better sewing the binding down on this project.  I think I will hand sew down my next quilt binding (EEK!) instead of making Kimberly do it :)

I really enjoy using this blog as a format to critique myself, so, in closing, what do I dislike about this project? OR, what would I do differently if I made it again?  First, I would put stabilizer on the bottom pieced (on the other side of Tinkerbell) to give the bottom even more support.  I would also consider quilting the bottom, but I don't have a free motion foot for  my machine.  Also, like last time, I should have put stabilizer in the walls of the tray. I really don't have a good reason why I didn't.  Oh well.  Over all though, pleased with the Tinkerbell Tray Mash-Up :)

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