Monday, September 23, 2013

Taggie Cube

Introducing Taggie v2.0!

My original taggie can be seen on my flickr page.  It is made of the same fabrics and embellishments, but in a 2D form, like a small quilted blankie, about 15"x15".  Thie original taggie was given to a grandpa-to-be, anxiously awaiting the first child of his eldest son.  Said grandpa loved the taggie and the copy of The Cat in the Hat that accompanied it.  Baby Freya loved the taggie as well, and I've seen many adorable pictures of her playing with the taggie.  Unfortunaly, about 2 weeks ago, the taggie ran away, between the car, grocery store, and library, somewhere in the heart of Maine.  Luckily, I had a few scraps of fabric left over, and I finally had a chance this weekend to whip up taggie v2.0 - the taggie cube!  

Made out of 6 6" squares of flannel/cotton and about 16 3-4" pieces of ribbon/ric-rac, and stuffed with fiberfil, the taggie cube is a 3D taggie wonder! Smooth ribbon, snuggly flannel, bumpy ric-rac and smooshy fiberfill; what a fun toy for a baby! Not to mention nice and bright!  Sewing in 3D can be a challenge, but with practice it IS becoming easier for me.  And I truly love projects that can be completed in a few hours: instant gratification!  And there is nothing better than making something to give away and really knowing that the intended recipient will love it. I really enjoyed this project and depending on the feedback I receive, I'm considering writing up a formal pattern (eek!).  The only thing I would consider changing on this is to make it slightly smaller, maybe use 4 1/2" squares, to make it a little easier for small hands to handle.  I really hope Miss Freya loves it!


Edit:  Here is a picture of Freya loving up her original taggie.  I wanted to show what the 2D taggie looks like.  I am sure I will make more 2D taggies as well as more 3D taggie cubes; I love them both so much!

Edit again: Freya with the taggie cube! So precious!

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