Monday, September 9, 2013

Not all sewing projects have to be Quilts

A lesson I always try to remember is that not all sewing projects have to be big, complicated, long term projects. While I enjoy the sense of accomplishment and success I get when I finish a bed quilt, I also like the instant gratification of a small project. It is nice to make some thing from start to finish in one sitting or a few days. And often small projects can be made more intricate and special by making patchwork instead of using a cut of fabric. You can also use embellishment like buttons or snaps, or small pieces of ribbon or trim you may have laying around.

Check out these nifty projects I've whipped up in the past few days:
This is a great storage cube made out of 10 Moda charm squares from American Banner Rose. I borrowed the pattern from this wonderful blog. You should absolutely check it out. I made my cube out of quilting cotton and used cardboard to hold it's shape. When I made another I will probably use some interfacing instead to get a sharper shape. This pattern is really great because it would be really easy to adapt to make any size box, or a rectangle, or make the sides lower and make more of a shallow box/tray. As I said before, if you wanted to make your cube more special/intricate you can use patchworked pieced for the sides, or add trim/embellishments/embroidery, etc.

I'm really proud of this next project. I saw the simplicity pattern on Amazon but I didn't want to spend $10 on it. So I looked at some pictures on google of finished organizers that other people made and drafted up my own pattern. First time I've made my own pattern! I'm so pleased with how it came out!
My hand written pattern.

Craft on!

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  1. That's very cool, making your own pattern. I've made all my own for many years, not wanting to spend the money on them, plus I knew I could. I'm sure you will be trying more patterns.


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