Monday, June 30, 2014

What's up::

I don't really have much to say (shocker) but I just want to share some of what I've been working on lately.

I been into color theory recently and I've been playing around. It's amazing what you can do by manipulating color.

Since I busted out my colored pencils, I decided to make a zippy bag for them. I used Kristin Link's pattern from her bag making basics class (free on craftsy). The exterior fabric is Corsage by Alison Glass. The interior is a pretty grey solid.

After cutting into my second (of twelve) fat quarter of my Corsage bundle, I didn't feel so bad about slicing into this Amy Butler fabric either. I made a ribbon board for a wedding gift and (of course) forgot to take a picture of it before I gave it to the happy couple. I ended up going with the black ribbon and black tacks.

Here's a quick shot with the beautiful bride:
And one with my main squeeze:

The humble beginnings of my Jinny Beyer Palette Bag (all batik (shocker)):

Messing around with the "baby" size half hexie on the hex'n'more ruler:

And lastly, if you're still with me, the last few months of bee blocks from the SMQ 3 Bee.

Thanks for stopping by...hope you had a lovely weekend!


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  1. Fantastic projects in progress! I took the same Craftsy course and I have made tons and tons of the same bag as gifts. I love your fabric choices.

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  2. What a fun and pretty projects!

  3. You've been really busy. I love what you're doing with your Jinny Beyer batiks; I look forward to seeing how it develops. Thanks for the tip on the pencil case: I need one too!

  4. It sure is a lot of fun playing with quilting ideas on graph paper with those coloured pencils, isn't it? Great new case for those pencils! And all your blocks look lovely, too. I am particularly fond of those low volume ones!

  5. Love the baby Hex N More. I made a big one.


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