Thursday, June 12, 2014

One Woman's Scraps...

I think most modern quilter's would agree; one (wo)man's scraps are another's treasure.  This premise inspired a very fun challenge for members of the Rochester Moderm Quilt Guild (RMQG).  Way back in February, each RMQG member brought in a quart size ziploc bags of scraps.  We swapped bags randomly and the challenge is to use the scraps to make something and return it to the scrap owner at the meeting in June.  The "rules" are VERY open ended.  Using as many or as few of the scraps as you desire, mixing in other fabric or notions if you wish, you can make ANYTHING you want. Pretty fun right?!

I received scraps from Nichole and I decided to make her a quilted throw pillow (what else?)  I used her scraps exclusively and did not mix in any fabric of my own.  I had to piece some things together to get big enough pieces for the back but you can barely tell.   I did throw in the batting for the quilted front of the pillow and a pretty purple zipper.  I just love making pillows this way; fully lined with the covered zipper.  I hope she likes it!

Last night's meeting was the big reveal and I was SO tickled with what Beth made me! She used my pink, yellow and light green scraps to make me the cutest insulated beverage sleeve and insulated/portable ironing surface.  I absolutely love them so much!  Thanks again, Beth!


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