Monday, June 16, 2014

Pulls and Plans

I love being in the planning stages of a project and working on pulling the EXACT right fabrics to go together. There is something so satisfying about the whole process.  I get so excited looking at that pile of fabric, before I start ironing and cutting, and envisioning what I am about to create.  Here are a couple pulls for some projects I will be starting this week.  

These pretty pinks are going to be made into triangles for a SGQ pennant banner.  I am going to use felt for the letters. I bought some pale pink felt already but I am worried it will disappear on these fabrics so I am going to try to pick up some lime green instead (per Kimberly's request).

These gorgeous batiks are for a Quilter's Palette tote bag.  I am going to use a very light (maybe even white) batik for the main fabric and the rainbow above for the spikes. I think the white will give the bag a more modern and fresh look.  I played with the idea of just using part of the spectrum for the spikes (pink, red, orange, yellow), but at the end of the day, I am, and always have been, a rainbow bright kind of gal (:
Here's the original from Jinny Beyer's website so you can see what I mean. I think I am going to use grey or black for the stripe along the bottom. I am also brainstorming what to do for the handles to dress everything up a little bit. This is a free pattern by the way. Follow the link above to download a copy for yourself (:

And last but not least, I have these beauties for another (free pattern) bag: Amy Butler's Blossom Bag. The pattern is available at Sew Mama Sew (linked above) and here are the pictures of the bag from their site so you can see how pretty this bag is. 
I will be using the floral on the left for the outside of the bag. The geometric print will be the interior and the solid will be for the pockets, etc. I think this bag is so, so pretty but I am worried it is going to be really challenging for me as I am rather a novice at bag making.  I have had the pattern and fabric for months, but I have been just too nervous to cut in to it. However, I really love this bag, and I am going to just take my time, try my best and see what I can create (:

That's all for today, folks. Even though I'm about two hours in to Monday where I live, I am going to link up with Molli Sparkles for Sunday Stash since this post showcases so much pretty fabric!



  1. That Amy Butler bag really is pretty! I was a bit scared of bags before I started them as well. I'd google the bag and see if others have a review of the pattern as they'll usually have tips and tricks. The spike bag sounds like its going to be great with the ROYGBIV colors and I like the idea of the grey or black for the stripe or bottom of the bag.

    1. Thanks for commenting; great tip to read others' reviews! Happy sewing!


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