Thursday, February 27, 2014

Quilting the borders

I spent a few hours in the studio last evening working on the Nordika quilt (Min Skatt).  The borders are coming along nicely!  I was apprehensive about the light gray thread on the black outer  border.  It is very showy and any missteps would clearly stand out.  I got through it though without any major bobbles :).  The challenge will be quilting that design sideways as the quilt is rolled.  I probably will turn the quilt to do the bottom (maybe the sides too - does anyone do that?).  Now to figure out what to do in the hexies - any ideas?

My best friend and husband also helped me tune up the featherweight a bit.  It was failing to start reliably with the foot pedal.  We checked the connection of the foot pedal and made sure the belt was tight enough.  Still the machine would not start up more than 50% of the time when depressing the pedal unless I urged it along by turning the hand wheel.  Once I touched the hand wheel, the machine works beautifully however it is a pain to have to turn the wheel to get it to start.  Hubby said he thought the brushes were bad (although the dealer assured me they had been cleaned before I picked it up).  We took off the screw to pull out the top brush and checked the armature.  Both looked pretty dirty.  After cleaning off the brush and replacing it (we did this a few times), and running the machine (in hopes of cleaning off the armature a bit) it is now running much better!  If this does not fix the problem, the motor may need to come apart to really clean the armature.

Another snowy cold day in western NY - I keep telling myself that summer is just around the corner!

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