Monday, February 24, 2014

New cozy tote for my Featherweight

I was fortunate enough to get a case with my Featherweight that is in excellent shape.  It shows minimal wear on the exterior and the leather handle  is also in good shape.  I want to keep it that way  so I needed a way to protect the case and carry the machine without using the handle.    I had a delicious fat quarter bundle that was just begging for a project and I think the colors complement the machine beautifully!

I started with the handles.  Don't ask why because I do not know!  I cut strips approximately 6"  by 18" and then folded in half and then in half again.  There is a skinny piece of Peltex (~1.5" wide) inside each handle.  I top stitched close to each edge and then also down the middle a few times.  The ends were tucked in  since I was pretty certain I would be attaching the handles to the outside of the bag and I wanted them to look pretty.

I cut  five inch squares from the fat quarters  and also added a few fabrics from my stash.  Then the squares were randomly pieced into a large rectangle approximately 22" wide by 40" long.  I quilted three layers, a stiff canvas, quilt batting and the  pieced top with straight lines using my walking foot and  my new Juki (have I mentioned yet how much I LOVE the Juki?!) .

I sewed up the sides and boxed the bottom by sewing across the corners using the side measurement of the machine case.  Voila!  A custom fit!
I knew I wanted the lining to start down from the top edge of the bag and so I made it smaller (shorter) than the bag so that I could fold over the top edge of the bag by a couple inches.    The Juki cruised through the top stitching even at the sides seams which which are a little bulky - no problem!

The handles went on last and the bag feels super sturdy due to the canvas reinforcement.  I carried the machine down to the house from my studio last night and the tote works perfectly!  I can even turn it upside down and slip it over the machine as a cover (tucking the handles inside). 

A great little weekend project!  Next I need to make a protective sleeve for the fold-up machine bed - in matching fabric of course!

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