Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Studio update - new Harman pellet stove and ginormous design wall!

Yesterday my new Harman XXV arrived! It is a gorgeous deep blue color and heats the studio like a charm!  It arrived just in time since we are starting to feel winter here in the northeast.  My studio will be a cozy haven for all things creative!  We still have some insulation to finish on the west end and the interior of the barn wall (since the adjacent space is not heated).   I just visited the studio with the code inspector and was pleased to note the temperature at a steady 70 degrees - just how Ilike it!  I will  be more impatient than usual to finish work at my day job and head to the barn this evening.

My very handy and loving husband has also started the design wall for me.  I mentioned a few times how much I was missing my design wall in the house when I am at the studio.  Even though we have several pressing priorities, he took the time Sunday afternoon to start the wall.  It is a whopping 96"+ tall and 16 feet long!  I don't often work on a  project that big but I want to have the option.    Now I need to get some batting to cover.  I have been in touch with Quilters Dream and they can cut me a custom length so I am just trying to decide if I want to add some extra bats to the box since I will be paying the same shipping; box full or box partially full.

The design wall will be finished off with oak corner molding to further secure the batting after stapling  and to cover the edges.  I am going to stain the oak molding so that it will have the same pickled finish as the mop boards and floor.

We are far from finished but every task moves us a bit closer!

Stop by for visit if you are in my neighborhood :)

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