Thursday, November 14, 2013

A small project and BIG plans

Last night Kimberly and I attended our 2nd meeting of the Rochester Modern Quilt Guild.  We had a great time.  I shared a few small projects I have been working on lately (more on that Saturday) including this name tag I made to wear:

This name tag is so "me".  Even if it didn't have my name on it you would know it's mine.  I dyed the fabric myself, it was originally Moda white.  I then used discharge paste to bleach out my name.  I used a zigzag and mattress (I think? the one that's l_l_l_l ) stitch in white over the letters and then FMQ in purple around my name.  I used the same dyed fabric for the binding and attached some pretty pink ribbon to wear the name tag around my neck.  Now everyone at the guild meetings will know who I am (:

The other thing I wanted to share with you guys from the meetings last night has to do with the guild's UFO challenge.  I am going to tie my participation in the UFO challenge directly in with WIPW (work in progress Wednesday) to DOUBLE my motivation!  I will attempt to describe the UFO challenge as concisely as possible, but you know concise is not my forte.  Basically, you pick 4 UFOs you want to work on (I picked one WIP and 3 IIP ((ideas in progress?))).  You jot them down on a piece of paper and hand in $4.  You don't have to do 4, you can do less and hand in the corresponding $.  We handed these in at the meeting in October (or last night).  In December, February, April and June, we must present the finished UFO or photographic evidence of it's completion (in the case that is has already been given away.)  If you meet the challenge for that month, you get $1 back, a certificate of completion and your name is entered into the drawing for the kitty.  If you do not meet the challenge, you get words of encouragement, and forfeit your $1 to the kitty. Sounds fun right?  Well, Kimberly did not want to play, she has enough stress already, I'd say.  I told her "they don't have to be quilts, you could make 4 small things, right?"  So what did I put down for my challenge? 

Quilt, throw pillow, quilt, quilt.  Smooth, Francesca, real smooth.  At least the Pixelated Heart quilt is started (more on that on WIPW 11/20/13).  The throw pillow won't be too bad, I have some cute Valentine-y charm squares somewhere.  The Foxy Tumblers is coalescing in my mind and will most likely be a baby quilt.  The last one, for my man Shainer, well, let's say I'm going to need the double motivation (and possibly a small miracle) on that one (:

That's all for tonight.  Look for a really sweet post on Saturday, and then WIPW next week.

Happy sewing!


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