Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hello, my name is Francesca, and I am addicted...

 ...TO FABRIC! I got another order from fabricworm last week than I haven't posted yet as I have been super busy, but since I am making some things from said fabric that I am going to be posting soon, I figured I should show you the loot!

I really wanted to get some COLOR in my stash so I grabbed a few fat quarter bundles.

This one and the next are both from Robert Kauffman's Dazzle line.  Above is Streamers and below is Sparkle. I am seriously LOVING these fabrics, the colors are extremely rich and the simple, fresh patterns make these a great alternative to solids. I actually purchased 2 additional yards of the fabric all the way to the right in the picture above. A great purple called Boysenberry. I am working on a really cool birthday present with this fabric and I will post pictures after the birthday girl gets her gifts!

I also snagged some prints.  Far left was only $6 a yard!  The other 2 are Swallow Study by Joel Dewberry.  Couldn't resist them.

And, of course, some solids.  These are Robert Kauffman Kona solids. I LOVE the names of solids these days.  There is one (not pictured) called zucchini that is EXACTLY the color of the inside of a zucchini, crazy!  From the left : magenta, canary, punch, persimmon, jade, ash, snow and torch.  The torch and the fox print were thrown in free of charge due to a small goof with my order, sweet!

 And just in case you were wondering, yes, I do sew, occasionally.  Here are the blocks I promised Kimberly for her do.Good stitches bee:

Keep stichin' friends!


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