Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A unique block for my Uncle

I am moving along with the 'Simply Woven' quilt destined to go live with Uncle in California.  He is a retired Captain US Navy and enjoys a unique hobby operating a 'speeder' on various railroad adventures.  He asked for a Navy/train related quilt.  Since I am not much for 'theme quilts' or novelty fabrics I chose to interpret this very loosely and just made a quilt top in a pattern I was itching to make!  To be truthful, the colors are sea related and I am going to give it a sea-related name.  I was thinking of 'Restless Sea" but I want the quilt to be enjoyed tranquilly so I think a  more peaceful name is in order.  My current top pick is 'My Life at Sea.'  We shall see if it sticks until such time as I need to make the label!

I asked for a photo of the train speeder and then worked to re-create it in a block for the back of the quilt.  This will personalize the quilt for sure!  I think it came out great and has just enough detail that it will be instantly recognized as the speeder.  I plan to put a sparkly button in the middle of the windows since that black circle is suppposed to be a headlight.    The backing is complete now that this block has been added so the quilt is ready to be loaded on the Innova after work tonite.

My goal is for him to have it by Christmas and it looks like that will happen!

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