Friday, July 4, 2014

Finished Flags on the Fourth!

I recently had a bee in my bonnet to make some SGQ bunting to hang from the canopy of our tent at craft shows. I mentioned it and showed my fabric pull here. I'm pleased to say I just finished up these adorable flags and I am completely enamored with them!
One of my dogs "helping" in the top left corner!

I had originally planned to make the letters out of felt. I was planning on drawing a pattern for each one, cutting them out by hand and then appliqueing each one. The thought of doing this stalled me for a while. However, one day I was picking up a few things at Walmart and I just had to browse the craft section. I happened upon the iron-on letters. A thousand light bulbs flashed inside my head. Problem solved! Amazingly enough, only one color was on sale and it was the lime green I needed. $3.57. Well, I couldn't beat that deal with a stick so I bought them. I saved so much time and energy using the iron-on letters and they have such a nice, uniform look. All the letters are the same size and font, and I only needed one package. Another bonus is that they are "flocked" so they are kind of fuzzy, like felt, rather than being shiny like the screen print looking iron-ons. Here's a closer look at the letters:

To give credit where it's due. I loosely followed a pattern from One Yard Wonders to make the flags themselves. I used freezer paper to make my template. Basically, you draw a 6" line, then at the 3" point, draw a perpendicular line down 8". Connect the points and you have your triangle piece. Cut 2 and sew down the bias (longer) sides RST. Trim the point, turn right sides out and iron. To assemble, I used pre-made bias tape because I had it on hand in the correct lime green color. You could make your own tape though, I don't think it needs to be bias tape as you are sewing in a straight line, not around a curve. I used my clover clips to hold the flags in place and top stitched in the same lime green color.

I have to say I am really, really pleased with how this project turned out, and I honestly enjoyed working on it. Kimberly already said these flags will by hanging in her studio when they aren't on the tent at craft shows!

I hope you are all having a great holiday weekend if you are in the USA! Linking with Amanda Jean and Sarah and Laura and Diana.



  1. I do love a bit of bunting and pink is a perfect colour for it - I wouldn't be without my 'magic' (according to my God-daughter) rainbow bunting hanging up in my flat.

  2. Oh those flags are adorable! And seem like a quick little project if you can get the iron on letters. I can say without a doubt that if I saw that hanging up at a craft show, it would make me want to check out the booth! Thanks for sharing at Anything Goes Monday!

  3. These are so playful and will definitely catch people's eyes! Great colours. :-)


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