Monday, July 14, 2014


I already posted about the bunting that I made for my nephew's birthday, but I want to share a couple of other small gifts I've made lately. I've said it before, but I really love making small projects...instant gratification!

Here's the bunting...I just couldn't resist sharing it again! Side note: my mom, Kimberly, was holding my niece Aubrey (who is 2) when my nephew opened the bunting. Supposedly, Aubrey said "mommy...mommy...mommy...I want that" when she saw the bunting. Needless to say, I already bought another pack of iron-on letters (pink) to make more bunting for Aubs (and maybe some for me).

A quilted zipper pouch for my niece, Aubrey, so she had something to open at the party as well.

And a set of quilted coasters for one of my gal pals. These coasters are super special as they are made out of my own hand dyed fabric. So unique! I think the next time I make coasters I am going to incorporate some FMQ. These coasters are super fun and fast to make and really help you burn through those small batting scraps. They make great gifts!

Happy stitching, my friends!


Edit: Before I could even get this posted, I went ahead and made Aubrey's bunting - I was so excited. The more I make of these, the faster they seem to go. I did have to make a new freezer paper template though - my old one wasn't sticky anymore.

Here's my layout.

After I applied the letters.

And the finished product. Love the yellow...such a nick kick of color.

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  1. I LOVE your hand dyed fabric, really gorgeous colours. I really like the colours in the flags for Aubrey as well.. well done.


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