Thursday, July 10, 2014

Mini Quilt Swap

Such fun!  I just participated in the 2nd round of the Schnitzelandboo mini quilt swap.    Partners were randomly assigned and we were set loose to 'stalk' our selected recipient on social media  and then create a mini quilt for them.

I had grand ideas for a unique  quilt featuring rainbow colors since that is what my partner likes.  During my week of vacation in early June I set to work.  I selected fabrics.  I cut circles.  I set the circles into blocks.  I sliced the blocks into quarters.  I made  'sprouts' and stems.  I pieced in white  for the background and voila! The top was complete after a day and half of steady work.

And then....OH NO!  I re-read the Schnitzel and Boo rules.  The minis were supposed to be no bigger than 24" square!  Mine measured in at almost 36" tall....DRAT!!!!!!

Back to the drawing board.  The second version took much less time since 1. I had already picked the fabrics, 2. The pattern was too small for set in circles so I just  snowballed the  corners to make the little sprouts and 3. I had some experience in how to assemble the columns and white background from the first attempt so not as much brain work was involved.

So, several hours later I had a smaller version that complied with the size  guidelines.  They look soooo cute together!

Now for the quilting.  I did a small meander in the white background with white thread.  In the colored colums I quilted a different pattern in each and all the sprouts have a small feather.  I used coordinating color threads.   My FMQ skills are  improving on the Juki!  (By the way, I LOVE my Juki!)

The binding is a small text print which I think adds a nice frame without being overpowering. 

The last step was to grab some goodies to throw into the package.  I chose some rainbow ric rac, washi tape, skittles, clover binding clips and a new seam ripper (which I knew my partner needed   since she posted about it on IG!).  And the package was ready to go.

I just found out this morning that she received it.  I am still waiting (not too patiently I might add) for my package to arrive.  This is definitely the hard part!  I had so much fun with this swap that Iimmediately signed up for another - the Strawberry Swap (IG #thestrawberryswap).

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