Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tutorial Tuesday #3 - Distressing Fabric

Ok, I know I just posted a tutorial a few Tuesdays ago, but I have a cool tutorial to share with you today, even though it's not mine. Several months ago in November, Kimberly and I saw the same post at Crazy Mom Quilts where Amanda Jean was playing with some fabric she distressed. Kimberly and I both wanted to try it, so I dutifully ordered some bleach-stop from my dye supplier, Dharma Trading Co. Somehow or another, things came up, and we never actually did any fabric distressing.  I found the bleach-stop in with my tie dye supplies recently and I had a lot of fun distressing some fabric. I really like what I came up with and I'm excited to see what I can make with these valued fabrics. And, next time a bee mate asks for "low volume" I'll just grab my bleach, muahahaha (:

Amanda Jean wrote up this swell tutorial for distressing fabrics so follow the link if you would like to try this neat project. I'll give you the same warning she put in her post: this can be addictive!

That's all for this Tutorial Tuesday- see you next time (probably not for several months!)


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