Monday, December 16, 2013

Quilted Dresden Placemats

I spent most of the day yesterday finishing up the hand sewing on these Dresdens and then started quilting on my Innova.  I am using about a yard of fabric for the background and backing so I think it will be tricky to get them to stay lined up.  I am hoping by the time they are trimmed into four placemats that they are not too small!

The thread is a variegated from Superior (King Tut I think, but the label is missing).  I just love how it complements all the colors in the dresden blades.

I put a fresh needle in the Innova since my daughter was experincing some thread breakage last time she used it, and the machine ran like a dream - perfect tension with a few small adjustments to the bobbin case and upper tension assembly.    At one point after re-threading following bobbin winding, the thread somehow missed the upper tension assembly and caused some thread shredding.,  I know just by pulling on the thread at the needle end that there was a problem.  I followed the thread back towards the cone and spotted the issue.    I am so happy with this machine!  (And proud of myself for learning how to use it!)

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