Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday Stashin'

So this year I got the best Christmas presents ever. I even told my dad he didn't need to get me anything for Christmas for the next 5 years. HOWEVER, I just couldn't resist buying myself a couple pretties in the last week or two.  A LQS in my area is closing (boo) but I managed to get a few yards of fabric 35% off.  I also stopped into JoAnn's as it was on my way one day traveling and bought a few fat quarters for $.90 each.  
Love those whales, don't you?!

And I ordered a few things from fabricworm...oops (:

A fat quarter bundle of Alison Glass's "Corsage".

A half yard bundle of this Jennifer Paganelli print in several colors.

A fat quart bundle of "Stitch Basics" by Michael Miller.

Some solids of course. Kona Valentine, Parchment, Pepper and Cypress.  As I see this picture and the one above it so close together, I realize, yet again, that I am always {subconsciously} coordinating fabric when I shop.  Even if I have no plans on using it together and I am just trying to flesh out my stash. What a funny creature I am! 

AND, this Glimma Kulia in Rosey Cheeks by Lotta Jansdotter in CANVAS! My plan it to make myself a new lunch bag with this very soon...I love it! I got a whole yard (for a great price!) and I am hoping to have some left over to make some cute little accessories.

And here's my pile of solids; it's hard to see them all as they are tucked in together but I didn't have enough room to fan them all out.  I spent some time getting them all organized and sorting the solids out of my scraps when I started the first 'Classic Meets Modern' block.  You can read more about that here if you haven't already.

Onward and sewforth!


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  1. Such lovely fabric! Thanks for sharing at Molli Sparkles!

  2. Nice stashing! Your plan for the Glimma print sounds wonderful.

    1. Thanks, Sheryl! I'm a little nervous as I won't be working from a pattern but I'm excited (:

  3. Love it all. I really love the Alison Glass prints. I'd love some of those! Lucky you.

    1. I love them too! I've drooled over them several times before I bit the bullet. Although I nabbed them when fabricworm had their last bundle sale. I LOVE the colors so much. I'll have to try and remember to slip some in the your bee blocks (:

  4. Great additions to your stash! I had to laugh about the colour coordination you unknowngly do when shopping... ME TOO! I also do this with clothing, it makes life so much easier. Just combine the whole lot! I wish you lots of fun playing with the new fabrics!!!

    1. Thanks Esther! It's so funny. I've noticed myself doing it several times now. At least I'm aware of it and it's always a different color group! Thanks for stopping by!


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