Saturday, September 27, 2014


I recently participated in the #verycherryswap on instagram. The partners were not secret so Trisha and I had a lot of fun sneak peaks at what we've been making for each other over the last few weeks.

Here's the quilted tote bag I made for Trisha. I also made a lanyard and a drink koozie (which I forgot to photograph). I tossed in some nail polish, lip gloss, chapstic, and fabric scraps to round out the package.
This tote bag is fully reversible! In this picture the top is folded down so you can see the very cherry lining (which matches the lanyard).

One side of the completed bag. I snowballed some red charm squares to make the cherries on the bottom.  I couched some green wool roving with a zig-zag stitch to make the stems. I love using that cotton webbing for the handles. I should have dyed it light blue or pink or something, though!

Here's the other side of the bag (before it was finished obvi).

Close up of the lanyard.

I did some FMQ on the outside of the bag. Compare with the picture below...

I used some awesome solar active thread that turns pink in the, so cool!

Tricia sent me the most awesome swap package ever! It was jam-packed with so many goodies!
Two gorgeous pot-holders with hand sewn hexies, dried tart cherries (being saved for a very special batch of stuffing), cherry life savers, some cherry blossoms fabrics, a sweet card, cherry cordials, a patchwork drink koozie, a hand made/stamped notes book, cherry blossom stickers, an awesome jam jar pin cushion filledwith buttons and wooden spools, cherry tea bags, and (possibly my favorite item) a wonderfully clever and super adorable drawstring ditty bag. Wowza! Thank you so much, Tricia! You rock!


Edit: I never photographed the koozie I made, but I did find the 'sneak peak' shot of it I posted on instagram. You can see the exterior fabric and the button I used. Unfortunately, you can't see the shape of the koozie or the pretty, matching Amy Butler fabric that I used for the inside, oh well. Thanks again to my mom, Kimberly, for this sweet cherry fabric.


  1. Wow, it looks like you had a lot of fun with this swap and that you exchanged a lot of great goodies!
    And the cherries on the tote are just so clever and so simple to make! I have to remember that!!
    Thanks for linking up at MOP Monday!!

  2. Beautiful bag you made! Love the cherries on the bottom!! Whoop whoop!!


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