Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday Stashin' #6

It's been a while since we've done a Sunday Stash post! I have a couple yummy goodies to share today.

First up - I recently participated in a fat eight swap of "Moonlit" (cotton + steel) hosted by Erin. She is one heck of a swap mama! She is in the process of swapping all the C + S lines. I chose the "Moonlit" line because of the great colors and geometric patterns. I am not crazy about the butterfly prints but I'm sure I can do something with them. The top 5 fabrics in the left column are probably my favorites. I am really loving aqua recently!

Speaking of aqua - there is some pretty aqua in these charm square packs of "Miss Kate" by B&C.  Yes, C + S and Miss Kate, I have given in to all the trends...le sigh.

Lastly, look at these GORGEOUS Kaffe Fassett shot cottons. This is the 'dark' FQ bundle from Craftsy actually. This is my birthday present from Kimberly and the pictures do not do this fabric justice. I actually didn't want any until I saw it in person. Then I was like *drool, faint, die*  - they are that gorgeous, seriously. I have no idea what I am going to do with them other than gaze at them lovingly forever. I kind of wish I would have had them before I started by CMM quilt (as that is going to live on my bed for a while when it's done) but oh well.
This bundle is actually one FQ short as Kimberly couldn't help pinching a real mustard-y FQ before she handed them over (wait until you see what she did with it - gorgeous!).

Until next time!



  1. There's nothing wrong to giving in to trends! The Kaffe shot cottons are stunning, I used one to back a Kaffe quilt a few years ago and still love the look of it.

  2. If you think they're gorgeous to look at, just wait until you sew up those Kaffe shots! They feel amazing!!


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