Friday, October 19, 2012

Quilting is Complete

I love how the orange peel quilting turned out!  This is my first attempt at using a ruler with my quilting machine.  It really wasn't that difficult once I got the hang of it. 

The pebble quilting took forever but I think the results are pretty cool. I would definitely do it again.  I lowered my take up rail until it sat on the machine bed. This helps to stabilize the quilt for more detailed work.  I had previously thought I would need to buy the micro handles for my machine in order to do such detail but turns out I did fine without. They micro handles are expensive!

The continuous curves on the orange border have some errors but I learned a lesson there too.  On one side I tried quilting a bit at a time as i rolled the quilt.  That did not work out so well. For the other side I turned the quilt after finishing all the rest and was able to quilt across instead of front to back.  It made a huge difference in the quality.

I have attached the binding which is the same black material as the skinny borders and now only need to hand sew.

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